Bomb explodes on Bangkok bound freight train in Narathiwat province

A special train, bound for Bangkok from Su-ngai Kolok district of the southernmost province of Narathiwat, was hit by a bomb blast today (Saturday). The device is believed to have been hidden among boxes containing fruit in a freight car.

The bomb went off at about 12.30pm as the train was approaching Tanyongmas railway station. The powerful blast ripped through the wooden floor of the freight car and scattered the cargo.

After the explosion, the train driver quickly proceeded to Tanyongmas station and the police were alerted.

Police said that the train was also shot at by unknown gunmen, but no one on the train was hurt by either gunshots or the bomb blast. Police and troops rushed to the station to examine the damaged carriage.

Security has been increased at all train stations in Thailand’s deep south.

The State Railway of Thailand later said in a statement that it has had to suspend the special train service, which brings excess fruit from Narathiwat for sale in Bangkok to help orchard owners who are suffering from a sharp drop in prices.



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