6 June 2024

Deputy Bangkok Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon has offered an apology to a student whose works of art, on display at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, were damaged during the “Bangkok Pride 2023” parade, which kicked off at the centre on Sunday.

In his Facebook post on Monday, Sanon said he accepts responsibility for the damage, adding that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is ready to help the student in question.

The student, Yupapan Saewong, said in her Facebook post on Sunday that she is studying ornament design and she paid the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre for space in which to showcase her work.

She complained that some of the Bangkok Pride parade participants placed glasses of water and other things on the display stand and that her work fell from the stand and was damaged, despite signs asking people not to touch anything on display.

The organising committee of Bangkok Pride also issued a statement, offering an apology to the student and expressing their willingness to accept responsibility for the damage.

The committee claimed that there were about 20,000 people attending the event and, after examining CCTV footage from the centre, they could not identify the individuals responsible for causing the damage.