Blue Line from Hua Lampong to Bang Kae launched for three month trial run

(Photo) PR PMC Consultant

Bangkok Expressway started a 3 month trial run of the extension of the Blue Line train service from Hua Lampong station to Bang Kae station on Thursday, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The Blue Line, between Taopoon terminal and Bang Kae is expected to be launched at the end of this month. Another extension of the same line from Taopoon to Tha Phra, which has nine stations, is expected become operational next March.

Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT) governor Pakapong Sirikanthamat said Thursday that he will announce whether the three-month trial from Hua Lampong to Bang Kae will be free of charge at a press conference.

An informed source in the Transport Ministry said that the opening of the two extensions, between Hua Lampong and Bang Kae and between Taopoon and Tha Phra, will make the Blue Line a Circle Line covering both inner Bangkok and its suburbs.

The entire distance of 47kms includes 38 stations and travelling time along the whole line is estimated at one and a half hours at an average speed of 35kph. The train fares will remain unchanged, ranging from 14 to 42 baht.

BEM managing director Mr. Sombat Kitjalak said Thursday that that the opening of the extension from Hua Lampong to Bang Kae will increase the number of daily commuters by 100,000 and increase the company’s revenue by about 20%.

The service on another extension from Taopoon to Tha Phra, which is tentatively scheduled to launch next March, is expected to add a further 100,000 commuters a day, bringing the total number of people using the Circle Line to between 400,000 and 500,000 a day.

MRT is a state agency and owner of the electric train services in Bangkok and its peripherals while BEM is the service provider.



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