11 July 2024

Democrat senior advisor Banyat Bantadtan has dismissed speculation that he will be nominated Speaker of the House if the Democrat party agrees to join either Pheu Thai or Palang Pracharat in their race to form a coalition government. The veteran politician told the media today that he would prefer to be just an ordinary MP.

“Speaking from the heart, I prefer to be just an ordinary MP to being the Speaker of the House because it allows me more flexibility to go anywhere – to make field trips, to tend to the people when they are in trouble,” said Mr. Banyat.

He added that there are several other Democrat MPs who are qualified for the House speakership if the other parties still want to nominate a Democrat for the post.

The House of Representatives is due to convene for the first time on May 25th and its first agendum is to elect the Speaker of the House.