6 June 2024

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has offered a public apology over his recent statement about Bangkok’s new city plan which, he said, may have caused dissatisfaction or discomfort for some people.

In his Facebook post today, the governor said that the new plan, which has not yet come into force pending adjustments, is a continuation of the development process in plans which were implemented in 1999 and 2013, as Bangkok’s landscape changes year after year due to land utilization and the emergence of new communities.

He said that the city plan is revised every five years, to cope with physical changes in the city, as he offered an assurance that the latest is not tailored to benefit rich landlords, but is for the benefit of the public.

The governor pledged that the city administration is receptive to the opinions of all stakeholders in its development of a new city plan, adding that they will continue to accept comments and opinions until the end of February.

Currently, the city plan is in Stage 5, meaning the holding of public hearings to gauge views from all stakeholders. Seven public hearings have been held so far and these have been extended until the end of February.

Bangkok’s new city plan by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration