Bangkok City Hall tightens COVID-19 lockdown restrictions until August 2nd

Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has imposed additional lockdown restrictions on businesses, public venues and activities in line with the CCSA’s latest efforts to curb the relentless surge of COVID-19 infections in the capital.

In its announcement, issued yesterday and which takes effect from today (Tuesday) until August 2nd, including the voluntary “stay at home” measure and the 9pm-4am curfew, the BMA has reactivated its previous announcements (32, 33, 34, 35 and 36) which close a wide range of businesses, public venues and activities.

Businesses and venues which can stay open under the new restrictions include:

  • Eateries may open until 8pm for take-home and delivery services, but no dine-in service;
  • Convenience stores and fresh markets may open from 4am to 8pm;
  • Hotels can operate as normal, but without conference, banquet or seminar activities;
  • No on-site teaching at schools, educational institutes or training sessions;
  • Malls, supermarkets and community malls may stay open until 8pm, but only their supermarkets, pharmacies or facilities for state-run vaccinations and health services.

Venues and activities which can operate due to their necessity include hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, general stores, factories, financial transactions, stock market, health care facilities for the elderly which have overnight lodging, insurance business, rescue operations, car maintenance services, road maintenance services, public utilities, stores selling car batteries, public utilities maintenance services, natural gas and oil pipeline maintenance services, garbage collection services, cargo and food deliveries.

Businesses and public venues which are closed, as ordered in BMA Announcement No 32, include bars, karaoke bars, snooker’s halls, water parks, amusement parks, boxing rings, children’s playgrounds, fitness clubs, steam or herbal saunas, bowling alleys, zoos, internet cafes, game arcades, learning centres, stadia for all kinds of competition, beauty salons, except for haircuts and hair washing without other customers waiting in the venues.



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