6 June 2024

In an unexpected diplomatic move, ASEAN has decided to delay the granting of “comprehensive strategic partnership”status, or CSP, to the US until November, according to an informed source.

The source, who asked not be identified, said that, at the informal ASEAN foreign ministerial meeting on Wednesday night, they agreed that the US should wait until all procedural processes for the CSP have been completed. Washington has yet to apply officially and all the ASEAN members have yet to discuss and make assessments.

India also has asked ASEAN for the new upgraded status of CSP. Last year, ASEAN granted CP status to both China and Australia.

The joint vision statement, which will be released later today (Friday), said that both sides are committed to establishing a CSP that is “meaningful, substantive and mutually beneficial” in November, when the ASEAN-US leaders will meet at their 10th summit in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand are hosting three important summits in November, all of which are hoping for the participation of President Biden as one of the key guests,which will include Russian President Vladimir Putin andChinese President Xi Jinping, among others.

All three ASEAN hosts have already invited Putin to attend. In the case of the G20, Ukraine’s President has also been invited to the November summit.