6 June 2024

No arrest warrant will be issued against Phra Netiwit for his failure to attend the military service lottery draw as required yesterday (Sunday) in Samut Prakan, said Maj-Gen Sirichan Ngathong, deputy spokesperson for the Royal Thai Army).

She explained that the former student activist, Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, will be treated like other draft dodgers, in accordance with the established procedures of the Interior Ministry, which is that the Mueang district of Samut Prakan, where Netiwit was supposed to report, will issue a notification inviting him to the district office for questioning about his absence.

If the district officials discover that there is no valid reason, based on force majeure, for his failure to report and his actions are a violation of the Conscription Act, the officials will advise the police to take legal action against him.

Maj-Gen Sirichan insisted that Netiwit is not among the list of people who are exempted from conscription at the Mueang district office and, therefore, was required to report for the military service lottery draw on Sunday.

She also said that the conscription committee in every district is reasonable and receptive to the opinions or necessities of draftees who could not attend the draw within the framework of the law.

Earlier, Netiwit announced that he will leave the monkhood to face the law, probably in May, after he has completed an examination on the Pali language. He said that he will keep his promise not to use his monkhood as an excuse to avoid military conscription.