23 May 2024

The current political situation in Thailand has the appearance of a ‘proxy crisis’, created by elements using others to wage a campaign against the Government, Army Commander-in-Chief General Apirat Kongsompong claimed today.

The army chief appeared to be commenting on the “Run against Dictatorship” event, planned for January 12th in Bangkok.

The present political situation is the result of people pulling strings behind the scenes “because they cannot tackle the Government head-on and, therefore, they are resorting the use of proxies”, said General Apirat, as he urged members of the media to read about proxy wars to better understand the phenomenon.

He claimed that there are several elements with ill intent working in the restive Deep South, adding that he has no intention of identifying any specific individual or group.

The army chief then urged members of the public to recognize and respect the judiciary, independent organizations and the law of the land. He noted, however, that there are people who do not respect the law, the Constitution and the judiciary, to the extent that it has affected Thailand’s image in the eyes of foreigners.

While a group of student activists plan the ‘Run against Dictatorship’ (Wing Lai Loong), Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit has hinted that they might take to the streets in January to protest, what the party alleges to be, the practice of double standards by the Government, after the Election Commission decided to ask the Constitutional Court to disband the party over it took a large loan from its leader.