6 June 2024

An anti-establishment political activist sought permission from the Criminal Court to have the electronic monitoring (EM) tag removed from his ankle today (Wednesday), after the court granted permission yesterday for a similar device to be removed from actress Savika Chaiyadej, aka “Pinky”.

Panupong Jadnok said that, since the court decided to remove Savika’s device, he should be granted the same privilege, although both of them were indicted on different charges.

Savika, who is currently released on bail on fraud charges related to the Forex 3-D Ponzi scheme, sought permission from the Criminal Court for the removal of EM tag, claiming that it poses an impediment to her show business career and her travel.

The court granted permission on a temporary basis, on condition that she will seek permission again the next time she is scheduled to report to the court, as required under the bail conditions.

Another political activist, who was also ordered to wear an EM device after she was granted bail by the Criminal Court, Chonthicha Jaengrew, described the EM device as a symbol of a distorted justice system.

She said that she has not yet been found guilty of the charges against her, but the court ordered her to wear the EM device.

Chonthicha plans to contest the next election in Pathum Thani Province, under the banner of the Move Forward Party.