11 July 2024

Most of Thailand, with the exception of the south, will become cooler tomorrow as temperatures are forecast to fall further by 2-4oC in the Northeast and by 1-3oC in the northern, eastern and central regions, including Bangkok and its peripherals.

The Meteorological Department attributed the cooler weather over the next 24 hours to a strong cold front from China, which is blanketing northern parts of Thailand.

In northern provinces, the department reports that temperatures this morning (Wednesday) fell by 1-3oC, to 17-21oC on the lowlands, while temperatures in the highlands range from 5-12oC, with ground frost in some areas.

In the north-eastern region, the mercury this morning had dropped by 2-4oC, to 13-17oC on the lowlands, and between 7-13oC in mountainous areas.

In the central and eastern regions, temperatures range from 18-20oC and 17-21oC respectively.

Temperatures in Bangkok and its suburbs ranged from 19-21oC this morning, with strong winds.

Strong winds and rough seas are reported today in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, with waves between 2-3 metres high. Small vessels are advised to stay ashore.