11 July 2024

Despite a heavier than usual deployment of police and soldiers, activists in Yangon managed to carry out guerrilla protests in remembrance of the 88′ revolution.

“I saw the kids that protested. They carried umbrellas with the No.8 written on them. It’s clever and brave, but very dangerous because the Kyauktadar Township Police Station is literally just a stone’s throw away from the pedestrian bridge,” said a staff member of a store located at the Sule Junction in downtown Yangon.

The 8th of August 2022 marks the 34th anniversary of the revolution that occurred in 1988, more commonly known as the ‘8888’, or the 88 revolutions against the military dictatorship.

The same form of protests, with umbrellas, were also reportedly held at other well-known places, such as the Bogyoke Market, Inya Lake, and Hledan Junction.

In multiple locations, where anti-military government forces are strongly entrenched, such as in the Sagaing Region, more open forms of protests were held. Rallies and marches took place, according to local news media. There were also ambushes carried out on military vessels along the Chindwin River in Kani Township, reportedly killing around 20 military personnel.\

Skirmishes between both forces also occurred in several other places in the country.

“I saw some warnings on Facebook that UG (underground) groups might carry out operations today. Maybe that’s why I’ve not had any customers until now but, then again, things are very tight for a lot of people and I’ve been seeing fewer customers. So far, I’ve only heard that a couple of kids carried out flash protests at Sule. Security forces immediately rushed there. I hope the kids are okay,” said a taxi driver from Kyauktadar Township.

In the afternoon, local news media Khit Thit reported that a hit was carried out by three gunmen on a local official in Tamwe Township, Yangon. It was reported that local administrator Kyaw Min Han, who had a hand in tipping off military officials several times and was very much disliked by the locals, was shot dead on the spot.