23 May 2024

Almost 1,000 employees of an automotive parts manufacturing company in Samut Sakhon province were laid off when they arrived for work this morning (Monday) and the factory was closed.

Workers at Pongpara Codan Rubber Company told the media that they had received no advance warning of the company’s closure or any advance notice of employment termination.

The announcement of the sudden closure was posted on the company’s front gate, with an instruction for all employees to pick up their final pay packets by Thursday. For those who do not show up by then, the company will wire the money to their bank accounts.

A provincial labour official, who was at the company’s premises today, explained their rights to the workers and that they can file a complaint with the provincial labour office, or take their case to the Labour Court if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

Some workers, who appeared to accept the mass layoffs, returned home. Others, who appeared unhappy, refused to disperse as they discussed their next move among themselves.

Workers said that the company celebrated its 50th anniversary only last year.