Abbot claims Thai rescue foundations asking for money from families of COVID-19 fatalities

The abbot of Bang Muang Temple, in Nonthaburi province, which offers free cremation services for COVID-19 fatalities, revealed that rescue foundations delivering the bodies to the temple for cremation are asking for money from the deceased’s family.

According to the Phra Samu Boonkerd Thanuttaro, the temple learned, from the family of COVID-19 victim, whose body was sent to the temple last week by such a foundation, that they were asked for 28,000 baht for the service, without the temple’s knowledge.

Another foundation, which brought a COVID-19 fatality in on Sunday (May 9th), was found to have asked for 18,000 baht from the family.

The abbot is urging families of the dead to contact the temple directly, to prevent foundations from engaging in such acts. “I would like to urge all foundations to stop doing it,” said Phra Samu Boonkerd Thanuttaro, adding “There are no fees for the cremation, and the temple belongs to the people. I don’t want to hear any claims that we’re asking for money.”


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