6 June 2024

Police, in Thailand’s central province of Phetchaburi, seized about 450 kilogrammes of crystal meth, with a street value of about 225 million baht, from a ten-wheel truck which landed on its side after crashing into a traffic island in Muang district Friday night.

The truck driver, who was identified as 45-year old Adinan Laeha, and his 18-year old son, Wilayan, both natives of Su-ngai Badi district in the southernmost province of Narathiwat, were slightly injured in the accident but were, however, detained by police for questioning regarding the illicit drugs found in the truck.

The truck, bearing Nakhon Pathom license plates, crashed on Phetkasem highway near an underpass at about 8.30pm.

As the truck turned over, some of its cargo of drugs spilled onto the road. The first emergency services to arrive on the scene found several suspicious-looking packages wrapped in plastic scattered over the road and alerted the police.

Police checked some of the packages and found they contained crystal meth or ‘Ice’, more of which was found inside the truck.