6.39 million Thais have applied for COVID-19 vaccination

About 6.39 million Thais have registered for COVID-19 vaccinations via the Mor Prom application, according to the Facebook page of the government’s app today (Monday).

Of these, 715,446 are in Bangkok and the remaining 5,674,484 are scattering across the country, according to the Mor Prom Facebook page.

Vaccination appointments for June now meet the supply of vaccines allocated for the month and other applicants will have to wait until July to be inoculated.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Information Centre reported that 2,264,308 doses have been administered to date. More than 1.48 million people receiving the first doses while 781,606 people have been fully vaccinated.

Globally, 1.414 billion doses of vaccines have been administered in 197 countries and territories, including Thailand, according to Saturday’s report from the Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovations.

In Israel, half of its population has been inoculated whereas, in the United States, 268 million doses have been administered and 120 million Americans have received both doses.

In the AEAN region, 39.98 million vaccine doses have been administered, with 27.5% of the population in Singapore having been inoculated, while Indonesia has already administered 22.68 million doses, which is the highest amount among ASEAN nations.

The first four countries in the world to have administered more than 100 million doses each, accounting for 60% of the vaccines administered worldwide, are:

1. China, 366.91 million doses, 13.1%
2. The United States, 268.44 million doses, 41.8%
3. European Union, 191.06 million doses, 21.5%
4. India, 180.43 million doses, 6.6%



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