6 June 2024

Five Chinese nationals, including a woman, who claims to be the “Mother of Universe” with the ability to connect with “divine figures”, have been arrested by Thai immigration police at a luxurious house in Pattaya, Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri.

Pol Maj-Gen Waritsiri Leelasiri, commander of Immigration Division 3, said that the five arrived in Thailand on tourist visas and set up a religious sect, called “Lion Kingdom Federation”, spread the gospel of the sect and solicited donations from believers, who include Chinese tourists and Thais.

He said that the group also concocted a potion, which they sold, claiming that it would give the purchaser long life, free from all illness, adding that he is afraid that the elixir may be harmful to those who take it and decided to make the arrests.

As for the “Mother of Universe”, identified as Huang Lian-Tsu, the immigration officer said that she was named manager of the company called “Heaven of Heaven”, set up by the five Chinese nationals. The company did not, however, engage in any activity other than growing the religious sect and soliciting funds.

He also said that the immigration police have revoked the tourist visas of Huang and another Chinese man, Chang Wen-hao, and put them on a blacklist, barring them from entering Thailand.