42 areas in Bangkok and suburbs still have excessive pollution, though better than yesterday

Air quality in Bangkok and its suburbs has slightly improved today, but 42 areas still have excessive amounts of PM2.5 in the atmosphere, with Ma Charoen Petkasem 81 Road, in Nong Khaem district, being the worst affected.

According to the Air4Thai website, the air quality today ranges from good to health threatening, with the amount of PM2.5 being measured between 26-98 microns.

42 areas have more than 50 microns of PM2.5 in the air.

The five most affected areas are:  

  • Ma Charoen Petkasem 81 Road in Nong Khaem district, 98 microns
  • Khlong Thawee Wattana Road in Thawee Wattana district, 87 microns
  • Tha Phra Road intersection, Bangkok Yai district, 79 microns
  • Buddha Monthon 1 Road in Taling Chan district, 79 microns
  • Charoen Nakhon Road in Khlong San district, 78 microns

In the northern region, air quality ranges from moderate to very good, with the amount of PM2.5 in the atmosphere being measured between 12-46 microns whereas, in the northeastern region, air quality is good to very good, with PM2.5 being measured between 8-27 microns.


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