23 May 2024

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) collected 403,235 krathong from canals, lakes and other waterways in the capital, following the annual Loy Krathong festival on Friday night.

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said today (Saturday) that the quantity of krathong collected this year was about 80,000 fewer than last year and 96.46% of them were made with degradable materials, compared to 96.40% last year.

City officials started collecting the floating krathong at about 8pm last night and had completed the task by 5am this morning.

The district with the most krathong was Chatuchak, where 12,595 were collected, of which 12,240 are degradable. Bang Sue district had the fewest, at only 99. Klong Sam Wa district had the highest number of non-degradable krathong at 470.

In Phra Nakhon, Bangkok Yai, Bang Khae, Min Buri, Prawet, Thawee Wattana and Sathorn districts, 100% of the krathong used were degradable.

The quantity of krathong being floated in waterways in Bangkok has been declining since 2018, with 841,327 in 2018, 502,204 in 2019, 492,537 in 2020 and 403,235 last night.

All the collected krathong will be separated into degradable and non-degradable and will be disposed of properly by the BMA.