6 June 2024

Police in Thailand’s southern province of Satun have apprehended two men and a teenage girl in connection with the death of a Chinese businessman at a resort in Trang province.

Police also seized a Honda Accord sedan and other items, including 11 bank books, five ATM cards, one credit card, two passports, three cell phones and 11,700 baht in cash, believed to have been stolen from the victim.

The 40-year-old businessman, identified as Li Zhri Rui in his passports, reportedly owned several para wood processing plants in southern provinces. He was found dead, with several knife wounds, in the bathroom of a resort in Trang yesterday (Tuesday).

One of the suspects, 22-year-old Natdanai, reportedly told police that he received a phone call from his 17-year-old girlfriend, also a suspect, asking for help, claiming that the businessman refused to pay her for a sex service she had provided and assaulted her.

Natdanai allegedly said they hatched a plot to take revenge on the businessman, with the teenage girl leaving a window of the resort room open, to allow him to slip in and attack the businessman with a pocket knife.

After the fatal assault, the trio fled from Trang to their hometown in La-ngu district of Satun province in the victim’s Honda Accord.