11 July 2024

Twenty-five political parties, including the Democrat and Pheu Thai, signed a memorandum of understanding today, pledging to strictly follow the election law and related regulations, to engage in peaceful election campaigning and to refrain from using foul languages during electioneering.

They also pledged, among other things, to respect the voices of the people, to allow parties which together manage to capture more than half of the 500 seats in the House of Representatives to form a coalition government and to support peace talks between the government and separatist groups in the southernmost provinces.

Election Commission secretary-general Pol Col Charoongwit Pumma said he hopes all the parties which signed the MoU would keep their promises to bring about clean and fair election.

Besides the Democrat and Pheu Thai, the other parties signing the MoU included Prachachart, Thai Raksachart, Chart Thai Pattana and Bhumjai Thai.  The pro-government Palang Prachachart and Suthep Thuagsuban’s ACT party did not join the event jointly organized by the Human Rights and Peace Institute of Mahidol University and P-NET, a central organization for free election.

The event was also witnessed by Asian Network for Free Elections ( Anfrel) and embassy representatives.