200 underground gambling dens still operating across Thailand

There are about 200 underground gambling dens operating nationwide, and 47 are in the Bangkok metropolitan area, according to a government panel, set up last month to investigate the potential involvement of officials in the gambling operations, which became outbreak hotspots earlier this year.

Chanchao Chaiyanukit, former permanent secretary of justice, who is now chairing the committee, said that the panel also found that 10 police officers and administrative officials had colluded to allow the gambling dens to operate.

The panel is focused on two dens in Rayong province, where the network operating there had over 100 million baht in circulation. The venues are owned by the same person, and have been operating for one year.

Chanchao said that the anti-money laundering laws will be used to prosecute the 10 officials, who have not yet been publically identified.

He also said that there are coordination issues between the relevant enforcement agencies, and the laws have not been strictly enforced.

The panel was given 30 days to conclude its investigation. They are due to report their findings to the prime minister this Friday, February 12th.


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