11 July 2024

Change.org reported on its website on Saturday that its campaign to introduce LGBT education in health and physical activity curricula, starting at Grade 1, has proved successful and will be implemented from the first semester of this year’s educational calendar.

In a statement from Danny Kittinan Daramadhaj, President of the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand who launched the campaign said “The modifications to health and physical education curricula covering sexual diversity for Grades 1 through 12 have been completed today, and are ready to be deployed in schools from this month (May)”.

Mr. Kittinan recalled his efforts had started two years earlier, saying it was almost impossible to imagine that everyone in society could have the same understanding about sexuality and diversity as they have today.

“At that time, when I saw wording in a Grade 7 textbook saying ‘Sexual disorientation is a symptom of sexual misbehavior that could create social problems, some is immoral or illegal’. I couldn’t help but voice my view calling for a change of mindset and I gave an interview on the ‘Policies by the People’ program on Thai PBS.”

“After a long advocacy campaign, through numerous meetings to review the content framework for sex education in health and physical activity textbooks, and through a curricula review committee comprising academics, experts, educators from civil society and writers, today we have succeeded. It is a historic day. Our appreciation goes to the collective efforts of everyone concerned,” the statement read.

Mr. Kittinan finally thanked his alliance for this success, saying his appreciation goes to all the signatories on change.org.

The main alliance for the campaign includes Dr. Werasit Sittitrai, Advisor to Deputy Education Minister, Mr.Boonrak Yodphet, Secretary General, Office of Basic Education Commission, Ms. Nijsuda Aphinanthaporn, Director of Bureau of Academic Affairs and Educational Standards, Mr. Phongsathorn Chanleaun, Director of M Plus Foundation, Dr. Kangwan Fongkaew of Department of Communication Arts, Burapha University, Nattaporn Manojai, M Plus Foundation, Suchada thaweesit, President of Thai Sexuality Studies Association, Wijit Wongwareethip, Researcher, Chalida Thacharoensak, Director of Community Potentials Foundation, Ms. Kittiporn Boon-Um from National Human Rights Commission, Ms. Jittima Phanuthecha, Director of Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation, Waraporn Chamsanit, director of Women’s Well-being, Gender and Sexual Justice Programme, Ms. Anchana Suwannanon from Anjaree: Lesbian Gay Right Advocacy Group and Ms. Saengchan Methatrakul from Path2Health Foundation.