11 July 2024

The Rajamangala University of Technology Isan-Nakhon Ratchasima has decided to expel 15 second-year students, after finding that they organised an illegal hazing ritual, after which a first-year student died.

10 other second-year students, who were involved in the ritual but not in the assault, have had the results of their first semester examinations invalidated. 5 other second-year students and 37 first-year students have had their behavioural scores cut by ten points for allegedly supporting the illegal activity.

The disciplinary action was ordered by the rector of the university, following a probe into an assault on a first-year student outside the campus on March 13th.

According to the autopsy findings, the 19 year old engineering student died of sudden heart failure, caused by repeated blows to his chest.

7 second-year students, who are among those expelled, have been charged with assault causing death to another. 25 other sophomores in the same class were also charged with violating the Communicable Disease Control Act and shaming other people in public.

The university rector, Associate Professor Kosit Sriphuthorn, said that all the students facing disciplinary action have the right to appeal within 15 days.

For the 15 students who face expulsion, he said they can use their first-year study records to apply to other colleges.

He also said that the disciplinary actions taken by the university should set a precedent for other institutions in their dealings with future hazing incidents.