23 May 2024

Narcotics police seized 14.8 million meth pills hidden in a container at a warehouse in Bang Pa-in district of the central province of Ayutthaya on Sunday.

Pol Maj-Gen Tanai Apichartseni, deputy commissioner of Narcotics Suppression Bureau, said that the huge drug haul was contained in 1,700 fruit boxes each carrying 200,000 meth pills.

He said that a truck left the warehouse for Talad Thai fresh market in Pathum Thani to fetch 1,700 boxes of fruits.  The fruits were later partially removed from the boxes and replaced with packs of meth pills before the truck returned to the warehouse.

Plainclothes police who had laid in wait near the warehouse then moved in to make the arrest.

Pol Maj-Gen Tanai said the warehouse was used as a distribution centre to deliver the drugs to customers in central provinces.

No one was arrested however.