14.5 billion baht compensation approved for medics caring for COVID-19 patients

The cabinet approved today (Tuesday) a 14.5-billion-baht budget to compensate and to provide risk payments to medics involved in caring for COVID-19 patients, or in efforts to contain the spread of the virus, up to June this year, under six Ministry of Public Health projects.

These include a project to deal with COVID-19 of the Public Health Emergency Response Division, compensation for personnel of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Public Health who were given special assignments on top of their normal duties, spending to ease problems and to compensate people affected with COVID-19 at the Medical Services Department, risk compensation for providing services to COVID-19 patients of the Medical Sciences Department, risk compensation for working with COVID-19 patients of the Mental Health Department and support services for medical management to cope with COVID-19 infections at the Health Department.

The Ministry of Public Health has been assigned to pay compensation in accordance with the regulations pertaining to medical personnel.


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