6 June 2024

Thailand’s Department of Health is recommending that those aged from 12 to 18, who are suffering from any of the seven specified underlying diseases, get inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine due to the steady rise in COVID-19 infections among this age group.

According to Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen, director-general of the Department of Health, 7,787 cases of COVID-19, among those aged between 12 and 18, were recorded within the first week of August and 8,733 during the second week, with the rate of infection on the increase.

Total infections among minors, between April 1st and August 14th, are 41,832, accounting for 0.8% of all infections in that period. Eight have died.

Dr. Suwanchai said that the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand recently also suggested that anyone aged 12 and over, who is afflicted with any of the seven underlying diseases and living in the “dark red” provinces, should be vaccinated to protect them against serious illness caused by COVID-19.

He suggested parents contact hospitals which are offering vaccination services for this age group before going for vaccination.

The seven underlying diseases include obesity, chronic kidney disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, cancer and genetic disorders.