11 July 2024

A total of 11,607 high-school students from across the country have applied for admission to study for Mathayom 4 (10th grade) education at the Triam Udom Suksa School in Bangkok for the 2024 academic year, said Ketthip Suphavanich, deputy secretary-general of the Basic Education Commission.

The prestigious school only has the capacity to accept 1,520 students, or competitive ratio of 1:7.64.

The places are divided as follows:

  • 1,000 seats for science and mathematics – 8,275 applicants
  • 120 seats for languages and mathematics – 1,173 applicants
  • 80 seats for French language – 392 applicants
  • 80 seats for German language – 323 applicants
  • 80 seats for Japanese language – 461 applicants
  • 80 seats for Chinese language – 570 applicants
  • 40 seats for Spanish language – 186 applicants
  • 40 Korean language – 227 applicants

Ketthip said that the school has made preparations for both staff and location for the entrance examination, to take place at Impact Muang Thong Thani on March 9, and has arranged for security and convenience for both the students and their parents, including anti-COVID-19 measures.

All students will be required to wear face masks while taking the exam and those who are sick will be separated from the others taking the exam and placed under the care of nurses.

Results of the examination will be announced on March 20 and students who fail will have a chance to sit for entrance examination for enrolment at other schools on March 24.

She offered an assurance that all the students will have a school place.