11 youths nabbed for assaulting a hospital doctor

Police in Samut Prakan province have arrested 11 youths who assaulted medical personnel at a hospital, allegedly for failing to save the life of their injured friend, and then went on a rampage in another hospital in search of their rivals.

Police said that rival gangs fought a running battle in Soi Rong Lek, off Poochao Samingprai Road, on Sunday night, resulting to some of them suffering knife wounds.

The injured were sent to Vibharamchaiprakan and Muang Samut Poochao hospitals for emergency treatment. One of the victims was fatally stabbed when he arrived at Vibharamchaiprakan Hospital and doctors tried to save his life, but to no avail.

The victim was pronounced dead at about 8.45pm.

When Dr. Thanikarn Supanich tried to explain to the victim’s relatives about the death, one of the youths allegedly punched her in the face, while another assaulted a hospital driver.
It was reported that the victim’s friends, numbering about 30, went to the Muang Samut Poochao Hospital, allegedly to take revenge on their rivals, who had reportedly been sent to the hospital for treatment.

Dr. Rangsee Thirasilp, assistant director of the hospital, said that the angry youths searched for their rivals but, when they could not find them, they went on the rampage, hurling medical equipment and chairs around the emergency ward.

Mr. Kosonwat Inthuchanyong, deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General, said that, in previous brawls in hospitals, public prosecutors have asked the court to impose stiff penalties on the offenders, as hospitals should be safe places.

He cited a case in Ang Thong province. The court there sentenced all the nine youths, who began a brawl in a pub which continued in a hospital, to three months imprisonment, without suspension, despite them being minors.


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