6 June 2024

Police seized a large haul of methamphetamine tablets today (Tuesday) from a six-wheel truck in a housing estate in Lam Luk Ka district of Pathum Thani province, following a car chase.

The truck, with Kanchanaburi license plates, sped into the housing estate and stopped at a dead end. The driver was witnessed jumping out of the vehicle and fled into the woods behind the estate.

Several gunshots were fired by police in a pursuit car, but the driver managed to escape. Police searched the truck and found about 30 sacks, stuffed with about 10 million methamphetamine pills.

Police said that the seizure of this large haul of illicit drugs was the result of a follow-up investigation after the confiscation of 4,000 meth pills in Saraburi province on May 6th.

The two drug hauls allegedly belong to Je Cake Sanamchai, who is believed to be a major drug trafficker operating in the north-eastern region of Thailand.

Police claim that they know the identity of the truck driver and will summon him for questioning, failing that an arrest warrant will be issued.