11 July 2024

A plan, conceived by the Tourism of Thailand (TAT), to set five Guinness world records, including wearing the most pairs of elephant pants in sixty seconds, expected to take place at the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok from February 21st-27th, may have prompted the resignation of all 24 members of Thailand’s soft power fashion panel on February 1st.

The other four events are punching the most balloons wearingboxing gloves in one minute; eating the most deep-fried dough sticks in one minute; wearing the most Phi Ta Khon face masks in one minute and eating the most popcorn in one minute.

The public have been invited to participate.

In the resignation letter to the chairman of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, Kamonnart Ongwandee, chair of the fashion subcommittee, only said that the panel had already achieved their assignment, which was to lay the foundation for the promotion of Thai fashion as an element of the country’s soft power. All the panel members have time limitations, because they also need to take care of their own businesses and, therefore, were not in a position to carry on with the work effectively.

Observers believe, however, that the real reason for the panel’s resignation is that they disagree with the TAT’s plan to promote elephant pants as an element of Thailand’s soft power by holding events to set world records.

They point out that, in Kamonnart’s Facebook post on January 17th, she said that her panel has nothing to do with the Guinness World Record event, adding that it was conceived without consultation with them.

She also said that it should be borne in mind that taxpayers’ money is being spent on such events.