11 July 2024

Two Vietnamese tourists drowned yesterday (Sunday) in the seas off Nai Thon beach in Thalang district of Phuket, despite a “red flag” warning posted on the beach.

An eyewitness said he saw three people swimming in the sea and shouted to them to come ashore due to the strong waves. His warning went unheeded, so he alerted hotel security guards in the area to come to their rescue.

He also said that, when it became apparent that the security guards could not offer any help, he alerted his nephew, who tried to help but failed as two of the tourists were washed away by strong waves. He then called the 1669 emergency hotline.

Rescue workers eventually arrived and managed to pull two unconscious women, a 52-year-old mother and her 16-year-old daughter, out of the water. They then called for an ambulance as they administered CPR before its arrival. Both were later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Rescue workers said there are normally two life guards posted on the Nai Thon beach from 8am until 7pm, but the two victims entered the water before they started work.