11 July 2024

Two male French nationals, who used to teach English at a foundation in Chiang Mai, have been accused of producing and selling fake French ID cards to illegal immigrants in France via the dark web.

The two men have only been identified by Thai cyber police as “François” and “Jonathan”.

Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote, the deputy national police chief, told the media today that the suspects had made huge profits from the sale of the fake ID cards, which were produced in Thailand and sent to their network in France.

Working on a tipoff from the French Embassy in Bangkok, Thai cyber police launched an investigation, located the two suspects in Mueang district of Chiang Mai and sought search warrants from the provincial court.

They searched a house in Hang Dong sub-district, belonging to François, but found only his Thai wife of 15 years and their daughter. Printing equipment and crypto currency documentation were also found in the house.

François’ wife, Wachiraphan, reportedly told the police that her husband did not have a permanent job, besides teaching English at a foundation, but had been giving her money on regular basis.

François is reported to have been arrested in France last November.

In a search of a condo in Nong Pa Khrang sub-district, police found Jonathan and seized several laptop and desktop computers from the room. He was taken into police custody.

A cyber police officer said that the gang sold each fake ID card for about 60,000 baht.