12 July 2024

Three people were killed and another seriously injured in a scuffle between two rival groups of visitors in front of a pub in Muang district of Thailand’s southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat early Friday morning.

The violent incident prompted the district police to ask the district chief officer to order the immediate closure of the pub.

According to the Muang district police and CCTV footage, customers were seen streaming out of the premises shortly after midnight when a scuffle broke out in the nearby car park, as a guard is spotted trying to stop the fight.

A man, wielding a knife, was seen lunging at his opponent followed by several gunshots. Two members of the rival groups and the guard were found dead in the car park and a fourth was seriously injured and was rushed to the district hospital.

Police said, after the incident, that they will question the rival groups about the cause of the deadly scuffle.