11 July 2024

Convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra will visit the Pheu Thai party on Tuesday, to provide an opportunity for the party’s MPs to meet with him, but he will not attend a party meeting.

An informed party source said today that it will be more convenient for the MPs than visiting Thaksin’s private residence in Bangkok and it will be an opportunity for the MPs to offer him their moral support, while maintaining his and his family’s privacy.

The source said that not all MPs will see him at the same time, but arrangements have been made for them to meet with him one at a time.

The source also said that Thaksin’s visit to the party head office is causing some excitement among the MPs and most, if not all MPs will show up on Tuesday for the “special occasion”.

Last week, Thaksin, who is on parole, spent three days in his hometown of Chiang Mai, ostensibly to pay respects to his deceased parents, to visit some local projects and to meet with his old classmates after about 17 years of absence during his exile abroad.

Political observers said that his visit to Chiang Mai was actually an attempt to restore the popularity of the Pheu Thai party in its former stronghold, following its devastating loss to the Move Forward party in last May’s general election.