11 July 2024

Thai citizens in Japan, who wish to return home, have been advised to register via the Thai embassy’s website, if they want seats on two repatriation flights in May.

The Thai embassy in Tokyo posted the notice on its Facebook page today, after the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) extended the ban on flights to Thailand until the end of May.

The embassy has arranged for two flights, specifically an ANA/JAL flight on May 9th with 200 seats available and a TG flight on May 10th with just 10 seats available.

The embassy also advised Thai citizens not in a hurry to return home, to delay travel plans, saying that it will issue a new notice when another repatriation flight is approved by the CAAT.

The Thai government has set a limit on arrivals in Thailand of only 200 people per day, in order not to overwhelm state quarantine facilities, because all arrivals will be subject to 14 days in quarantine.

35 Thais are due back in Thailand from Japan today.