11 July 2024

A former Miss Philippines trans has called for and mutual respect in Thai-Philippines relationships, following a clash between transgender people from both countries in Bangkok on Monday night.

Las Pacheco, Miss International Queen Philippines 2023, said that she loves Filipino people but does not support any form of violence.

Speaking on TikTok, she said that she learned about the clash in Soi Sukhumvit 11 in Bangkok at about 3am her time.

Many people messaged her, asking what had happened, so she decided to check the facts with her friends, including Arissara Kankla, aka “Kwan”, Miss International Queen Thailand 2023. They agreed that any kind of violence should be avoided.

Instagram’s DMs between Las Pacheco, Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 and Arissara Kankla, aka “Kwan”, Miss International Queen Thailand 2023

Pacheco wants to know what really happened, because it involved the trans community. Somebody sent her a video clip showing a group of Filipinos bullying Thai transgender people.

“I love the Philippines and our transgender community, but we are not in our country. So the only option that we have is to be respectful. If we’re not in our country, let’s act right, let’s be respectful, let’s know how to bow, somehow,” Pacheco said, adding “I can say that these Filipinos really did something serious. I just cannot imagine how this will impact other people and other Pinas (Filipinos) who will go to Thailand.”

Pacheco also said that the relationship between Thai people and Filipinos must be kept in mind as “They are the sweetest people I ever met.”

The clash resulted in injuries and bruises on both side, and Thai police stepped in and invited them to the police station to resolve the matter.

by Charinya Limprapuwiwattana, Marisa Chimprabha