11 July 2024

A group of Thai medical professionals has issued a statement, asking the country’s prime minister to reconsider locking down the country again as a matter of urgency, citing the rapid spread of the latest wave of COVID-19 infections and fears that the medical system will collapse.

The statement also criticizes the government’s management ability, saying the 1668 hotline, which is supposed to help find beds for COVID-19 patients, is an indicator that management is failing. It also said that people do not have equal access to treatment, and some are paying for that with their lives.

The group also recommends that the government lift the mandate requiring any hospital detecting a new case to admit the patient. It said the order is impractical, resulting in too many people waiting for beds.

The statement also recommends that the government let asymptomatic patients self-isolate at home, with organized follow-up and preparedness to transfer them to hospital if needed. They claimed the field hospitals, seen in news coverage, are “for public relations purposes,” and do not reflect an understanding of the impending problems and exceed the available, but limited number of medical professionals in the country.

The group said they have been doing their best, and will continue to do so, but they also need dependable management.