11 July 2024

Highway police intercepted a bus in Pak Tho district of Ratchaburi Province today (Wednesday) and found 48 undocumented Rohingya migrants and three Thais on board.

The three Thais, including the bus driver, told the police that they picked up the Rohingya in the central province of Suphan Buri to take them to the southern province of Songkhla, which borders Malaysia.

They claimed that, after Songkhla, they had no idea to where the Rohingya would be sent, because their job was to bus them to Songkhla only.

Several of the Rohingya wept over fears that they would be detained by the police. They were taken to Pak Tho police station for temporary detention, pending further instructions from Bangkok.

The three Thais were charged with smuggling foreigners into the country.