11 July 2024

Former actress Savika Chaiyadej, aka “Pinky”, is expected to leave the Central Women’s Correctional Institution tonight, after the Criminal Court granted her temporary release on five-million baht bail.

The conditions on the bail include a ban on travelling abroad, reporting to the court every month and notifying the court seven days before changing her place of residence.

The former actress has previously applied for bail on several occasions, since being held on remand in August, but the court refused to grant it over concerns that she might try to escape.

Immigration will be informed of Pinky’s travel ban by the court.

Savika, her mother and her elder brother were among 19 people indicted by public prosecutors, on charges of defrauding the public and violations of the Computer Crime Act, in a foreign exchange futures investment scam, known as “Forex-3D”.

The scam was, in fact, a Ponzi scheme, which offered investors returns of up to 80% on their investments. About 14,000 people were duped into parting with an estimated 1.9 billion baht, according to the Depart of Special Investigation.