About 100 envelopes containing ballot sheets mistakenly addressed

Election officials have mistakenly put the wrong constituency code numbers of Nonthaburi province on about 100 envelopes containing ballot sheets, Thailand’s Election Commission Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee said today (Sunday). He…

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Big turnout at polling stations for advance voting in Thailand’s general election

Many voters have turned up at polling stations across the country to cast their ballots in advance voting today (Sunday). In Bangkok, voters showed up an hour or two before…

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Thai voters drop their ballots at a local polling station during the constitutional referendum in Bangkok on August 7, 2016. (Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN / AFP)

Electoral change lights fuse for political explosion in Thai Parliament and government

An early general election has become more likely after Parliament voted on Friday (September 10) to approve a charter amendment bill that restores the two-ballot election system and alters the…

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