11 July 2024

Chief election strategist of Pheu Thai Party Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan on Saturday shrugged off speculation that several of her key party members are on the verge of deserting the former ruling party.

She insisted that it was normal for former MPs to switch camps as they have the right to political preferences. Besides, she said, the current Constitution has set out rules and conditions that make it easier than before for new parties to be set up.

However, she maintained that there were no internal conflicts that caused party members to quit the party although she admitted that there were differences of opinions among members but that was normal for political parties.

Several core party members in fact have already left to join the newly-formed Thai Raksa Chart (Thai Nation Protection) party, which is, however, seen as an offshoot of Pheu Thai party.

If election is to be held on February 24 as expected, potential poll candidates need to join a party before November 26.    Several of Pheu Thai’s core members have already flocked to other parties amid fears that the party could be dissolved for allegedly allowing former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to wield influence over it.

Regarding the government’s timeline for the election, Khunying Sudarat said political parties should have been allowed to engage in political activities since October last year, but they are still being banned by the National Council for Peace and Order.

The ban, Sudarat said, has deprived the people of the opportunity to voice their grievances with political parties which, at the same time, have been denied the right to learn from the people their problems which would be helpful in the drawing up of party policies.

She expressed hopes that the election will not be postponed.