11 July 2024

About 45,000 litres of crude oil have leaked into the sea, during a transfer from tanker moored at a Single Buoy Mooring (SBM-2) of PTT subsidiary Thai Oil, off Chonburi province.

Pollution Control Department director general Pinsak Suraswadi said the spilt oil, according to Oilmap, is expected to wash ashore to the south of Kangkao Island and Udom bay on September 7 and Loy Island, off Sriracha district, on September 8.The oil is expected to reach Bangsan beach on September 10.

Thai Oil earlier claimed that the oil spill was under control, having no more oil leaking of into the sea and that the firm is evaluating the situation and surveying the surrounding areas to assess the possible impact of the spill.

Thai Oil said in a statement that the accident took place on September 3 at 9pm. There are no reports of casualties and the company did not disclose the volume of oil spilled.

It said it has taken immediate action, which is in line with its emergency oil spill plan. When the accident happened, staff closed the valves to SBM-2 and deployed an oil boom and dispersant to prevent the oil from spreading.

It is investigating the incident, with support from the government and the private sector. Thai Oil said the spill did not impact refinery operations and the firm’s insurance covers the costs.