11 July 2024

Thaksin Shinawatra was released on parole and returned to his family mansion, Ban Chan Song La in Bangkok, this morning. This is the first glimpse the media has had of him since he was admitted to the Police General Hospital 180 days ago.

At 6.09am, the convoy of Thaksin and his family vans left the hospital. Thaksin and Paetongtarn were seen together in a black van followed by a security detail in a black SUV. Thaksin wore a green face mask and a neck support.

At 6.32am, the entourage arrived at the Chan Song La residence, as supporters and observers gathered in front. Officers from Bang Phlat police station were deployed to help direct traffic in the neighbourhood.

Since last night, a large media cohort has been stationed outside Thaksin’s home.

Security at the Police General Hospital and Thaksin’s home has been tight all night. All cars going in and out of the hospital were checked, as a group of royalists, called Kor-Por-Tor, gathered to observe the situation.

As he did not return to the corrections facility, to which he had originally been sent, before his release on parole and despite his lengthy original sentence, Thaksin has not spent a single night in a prison cell.

Thaksin was seen wearing a green and dark blue checked shirt which, colours considered as auspicious for Sunday in Thailand.

Numerous staunch supporters of the former prime minister showed up in front of the Ban Chan Song La residence this morning, to offer moral support.

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