11 July 2024

The Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand has set new electricity charges, ranging from 4.68 baht to 5.95 baht/unit from January until April, 2024.

The price from September until December this year has been 3.99 baht/unit.

At its meeting today, the commission approved an 89.55 satang/unit Fuel Tariff (FT) for the January-April period, which will raise the price of electricity to an average of 69.07 satang/unit. When adding in the power base rate of 3.78 baht/unit, the new price of electricity will average 4.68 baht/unit, excluding VAT.

The commission said that it took into consideration the impacts of the new pricing on consumers, but also took into account the financial security of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the main electricity producer in Thailand.

It also said that the adjustment is in line with increased fuel costs, which EGAT will have to partially absorb while being able to settle its debts and maintain a cash flow sufficient to continue its operations.

The commission said that it did enable members of the public to express their opinions, regarding the price increase of power, from November 10th to 24th before it made the decision today.