PM pleads for no confusions or unrest during run-up to election

With the election approaching, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Friday pleaded with all parties concerned to refrain from provoking unrest, causing public confusion or sowing seeds of conflict.

In his weekly nation-wide address, the prime minister said that most people do not have immunity and could be easily misled and it is the country that stands to suffer.

He complained that there were criticisms against the reform masterplan, the 20-year national strategy or even the Constitution even before they were executed.

“There is no need to destroy old things in order to build something new.  Better to make adjustments, not to dump something  which has never been tried,” said the prime minister.

“To be democratic,  one does not need to bedevil the others or to cause hatred.  This is the first rule of political reform.  Law and judicial process must be respected,” said the prime minister.


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