11 July 2024

Move Forward party’s advisory chairman Pita Limjaroenrat has today unveiled the party’s strategic roadmap for this year, which includes its six major agenda items, or “Big bangs”, the party’s performance in parliament and within the party, which can be measured using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the party’s push for the passage of 47 bills.

He listed the six “Big Bangs” as follows:

  1. Democratisation of Thailand, which includes military reform, the scrapping of mandatory military conscription, military reform and the drafting of a new Constitution.
  2. Quality of life improvements for the Thai people, which encompasses improvements to the public transport system, welfare, healthcare and environment.
  3. Improvements to conditions in rural areas, which include cuts in farm production costs, increased use of machinery in production processes, farmer’s debt, improvements to water resources and the upgrading of Sor Por Kor land reform certificates into title deeds.
  4. The complete overhaul of national budgeting, decentralisation of authorities and corruption suppression.
  5. Development of learning systems, with the introduction of new curricula to ease burden on teachers and to reduce authoritarian systems in schools.
  6. Support for SMEs, quality tourism, the creative economy and new industries.

Regarding the 47 bills, Pita said 21 are already in parliament, adding that the party’s flagship legislative agenda include the marriage equality, progressive liquor, land reform and clean air bills.

He said that the party will work hand-in-hand with volunteers from the civil service, the private sector, NGOs and international organisations to achieve its objectives.