11 July 2024

The Nigerian man, who became Thailand’s first confirmed monkeypox case, has been banned from re-entering Cambodia for three years and is to be deported after being discharged from a hospital in Phnom Penh last Saturday, according to China’s Xinhua news report on Monday.

The report said that the 27-year-old Nigerian, who left Thailand for Cambodia after he was found to be infected with the monkeypox virus and refused treatment, was apprehended by Cambodian police in Phnom Penh and sent to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital for treatment on July 23rd.

Spokesperson for Cambodia’s General Department of Immigration told the Xinhua news agency that they had decided to deport the Nigerian, the first confirmed monkeypox case in Cambodia, and have banned him from re-entering for three years.

Thailand has, so far, reported four confirmed monkeypox cases, including the Nigerian, a 47-year-old Thai man, a Thai woman in Bangkok and a German tourist in Phuket. The fifth possible case, a French national in Trat province, who developed blisters on parts of his body, has tested negative for the virus but remains in quarantine pending the results of a second test from the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases Clinical Centre.