11 July 2024

Thailand’s top Muay Thai boxer Buakaw Banchamek proved too strong for his Japanese challenger and MMA heartthrob Kota Miura in their special bout last night at Bangkok’s Rajadamnern Stadium, marking the relaunch of this well-known boxing venue.

The match was in kick-boxing format with no decision after the fight.

Watched by over 10,000 spectators, many of them women, who paid 1,000 to 6,000 baht for their tickets, 40-year-old Buakaw unleashed a flying knee thrust at the 20-year-old Japanese challenger’s chest, which caused Kota to sway unsteadily.

The referee finally stepped in to stop the fight for fear that Kota might sustain more injuries, as Buakaw’s attack showed no sign of relenting.
After the end of the fight, Buakaw approached Kota, held and raised his hand, prompting a resounding round of applause from spectators.

ภาพ: Banchamek Gym (Buakaw Banchamek, บัวขาว บัญชาเมฆ)

Photo: Banchamek Gym (Buakaw Banchamek, บัวขาว บัญชาเมฆ)

Kota later admitted that he was not a good match for Buakaw and must train harder, as he urged his fans to cheer for him at his MMA fights at the Rizin Stadium in Japan.

Unlike the old Rajadamnern Stadium, which was a den for gambling fans, the relaunched venue has changed the format into no-gambling three-round fights, which emphasise serious but entertaining boxing.

Buakaw has two more fights at this stadium, the first being a gloveless international boxing match against a Turkish boxer scheduled for September 3rd.