11 July 2024

Move Forward MP for Bangkok Rukchanok Srinork will ask the Criminal Court to postpone the reading of the verdict, scheduled for December 13, in a case in which she is charged with committing lèse majesté and violating the Computer Crime Act.

Rukchanok said in her Facebook post today that the delivery of the verdict coincides with the first day of the next parliamentary session and that she has to perform her duty in parliament. Hence her request that the court uses its discretion to postpone the reading of the verdict.

If she is found not guilty, the case will be over, unless the public prosecutors decide to appeal the verdict, she said.

If she is convicted, however, the Move Forward MP said that she faces 3-15 years in prison, but the court may suspend the jail term on the grounds that she has not been imprisoned before.

Ultimately, if the court does not suspend the jail term, she said she will appeal to the higher court and apply for bail. If her bail application is rejected and she is incarcerated, she said she will lose her parliamentary status, triggering a by-election.